Bastiaan Blomhert


Having acquired knowledge about the field of Harmoniemusik, I am not hesitant at all to share this knowledge with others, provided I can answer your question.

Indicate as clear as possible, what you want to know and allow me some time to answer. If I do have not answered in due course (which only will be, because I am not able or in a position to do so), don't be disappointed or annoyed.

Thank you for your interest! Hope to meet you in person one day.

Best wishes,


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Bastiaan Blomhert | Ascholdingerstrasse 1A | D-82544 Siegertshofen | Germany | T (+)49 (0)8176 997195 | F (+)49 (0)8176 997452 |

Information for those, who wish to visit me at home.

Parking facilities for your motor cycle or car are available west of my house as well as landing facilities for your helicopter to the South.


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