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Musicological Activities (editions, books and articles)

musicologial-activitiesMy musicological activities mainly are in the realm of providing 'new' interesting literature for the performing scene and my frequent visits to central-european archives have resulted into an extensive list of (Urtext-)editions of music for winds.

The research on Harmoniemusik and preparing editions has become a more permanent occupation and a part-time fullfilment of my life after 1983, when I discovered a copy of the long believed to be lost Harmoniemusik of Die Entführung aus dem Serail by Mozart himself in the Fürstenberg Court Library in Donaueschingen.

In 1994 the Dutch Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten awarded me a Research Grant, which enabled me to study original Czeck sources of Harmoniemusik in archives in Prague, Brno, Kromeriz and Cesky Krumlov.

I was one of the founders of the Nederlands Muziek Instituut (The Hague) on the Board of which I served till 2005. I retired from the Board of the Willem Pijper Foundation in 2008 after having served as Chairman for 14 years.

Editions (selection):

  • W.A. Mozart, Parthia in B (=Gran Partita KV 361/370a, mouvements 1, 2, 3 and 7; version for wind octet, possibly by Mozart, ca 1783) (1990) (Doblinger, 1993) [for sale]
    CDs: Pony Canyon PCCL-00161 Bläserverein Wien
    STH Records 19053 Amsterdam Wind Ensemble / Bastiaan Blomhert
  • L. van Beethoven, Seventh Symphony op. 92 for windoctet and double bassoon (ca 1816) by an unknown arranger, probably Wenzel Sedlak (1990) [unpublished]
    CDs: Pony Canyon PCCL-00161 Bläserverein Wien
    TV-registration NKH-Tokyo Ensemble Ernst Ottensamer
  • W.A. Mozart, Ouverture to Don Giovanni KV 527 (1992) (Breitkopf & Härtel, 1995) [for sale]
  • A. Diepenbrock, Hymne voor Orchest (1971, revision 1995) (Donemus, 1998)
  • F. Krommer, Partitas op. 45 I-III for windoctet, double bassoon and trumpet (Doblinger, 2000)(in collaboration with John Smit) [for sale]
    CD: Chandos Chan 9905 Wind Ensemble of the Academy of St.Martins in the Fields/Bastiaan Blomhert
  • J. Massenet, Ouverture to Phèdre arranged for symphonic wind orchestra by D.M.H. Bolten (Molenaar, 2000) (in collaboration with John Smit) [for sale]
    CD: MBCD 31.1063.72 Banda la Artistica Buñol / Henrie Adams
  • F. Krommer, Six Marches op. 31 for windoctet, double bassoon and trumpet (Sarastro London, 2001) [for sale]
    CD: Chandos Chan 9905 Wind Ensemble of the Academy of St.Martins in the Fields/Bastiaan Blomhert
  • W. Pijper and W. Pijper/J. van Dijk , Zes Adagio's for piano and stringquartet (Donemus, 2001) (in collaboration with Jan van Dijk) [for sale]
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Die Donaueschinger Harmoniemusik der “Entführung aus dem Serail” (= Denkmäler der Musik in Baden-Württemberg Band 17) (Strube-Verlag München, 2005)
    The critical edition of the work
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Donaueschinger Harmoniemusik (Floricor Editions, F.E. 0303A, The Hague, 2005)
    The performing edition of the work
    CDs: PentaTone PTC 5186 088 Academy St. Martin’s in the Fields / Bastiaan Blomhert and EMI/Elektrola 7243 5 55342 2 4 Wind Ensemble Sabine Meyer
  • F. Martin, Concerto pour les instruments à vent et le piano (Floricor Editions, F.E. 0420A, The Hague, 2005)
    First edition of the work



Books and Articles (selection):

  • The Harmoniemusik of Die Entführung aus dem Serail by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Study about its authenticity and critical edition (Ph. D. Thesis University of Utrecht; The Hague, 1987)
    This book is out of print, but available at the following libraries: A: Wn, Wgm /B: LVu / CH: BEsu, LAcu, N, Zz, / D: Bu, BIu, BNu, ERu, GI, HEu, KNu, Mu, MZu, Ru, SAAu,Tu / DK: Kv / F: Pim / GB: Lbm, Lcm, Ob / I: Rn / N: Ou / NL: Au, DHgm, DHk, G, Lu, R / S: L, Gu, Skma, Uu / SF: Hy / US: AA, NH, Wsi.
  • Mozart in de Tempel. Raakvlakken tussen componist en Vrijmetselarij (Kampen, 1991)
    [Out of print] Discusses the relation between Mozart and Freemasonry
  • The version a 8 of the Gran Partita KV 361 (370a) in: Mozartjahrbuch 1991 (Salzburg, 1992)
    Proposes to consider the octet version of the mouvements 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the Gran Partita as the original version, that Mozart enlarged in 1784 for the Akademie of Anton Stadler in the Vienna Burgtheater.
  • The Harmonie version of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony in: IGEB-Kongressbericht Aponyi 1994 (Tutzing, 1996)
    Presents, that -notwithstanding Steiner's announcement, that Beethoven himself was involved- the arrangement was made after the Diabelli copy of the score, probably by Sedlak or Starke.
  • (articles) Den Haag and Herzogenbusch in: (the new) MGG, Vol. II and IV (1995 and 1996)
  • Het Haagse Muziekleven in de tweede helft van de 19e Eeuw in: Brahms Festivalboek (Den Haag, 1997), p. 27 (Den Haag, 1997)
  • Mozart’s own 1782 Harmoniemusik based on 'Die Entführung aus dem Serail' and its place in the repertoire for wind ensembles in: Mozart Studien Band 12 hrsg. Manfred Hermann Schmid (Tutzing 2003), p. 77
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